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Hi, my name is Gudrun but please call me Himitsu. I love anything cute or bloody. Thats about it. Don't be scared to talk to me nor ask me anything.
3DS FC: 0817-3791-2228
Pokemon ORAS ign: Himitsu
Animal Crossing New Leaf: Himitsu, mayor of Twinleaf



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Norwegian language level NATIVE by animeXcasoUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designStamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp


Kakura - Design evolution by NekoHimi
Kakura - Design evolution
August 28, 2011
First we have "lel I'm gonna put me into the pokemon world" and too pink.... and boring. Named after me aswell, Gudrun.

September 28, 2011
A bit better but.... The skin colour is horrible, the hair looks like puke and the colours are too saturated. 

December 10, 2011
Ok simplistic but not boring for the most part. Better colours, no idea what I had for these hats by the way.

December 20, 2011
I discovered furries and oh god did I love it. I couldnt ears at all.... And hair is meh. Rather meh clothes and boring hair.

December 23, 2011
Back to the clothes from earlier in December. But OH GOD WHAT IS THAT HAIR! What was I thinking?!

January 2, 2012
A bit better hair but the hair is too saturated. And  the fur colours are ugly as hell.

January 9, 2012
Settled for the fur and eye colours. Wasnt quite sure what to do with her as a character yet and she was all over the place in honesty. Borderline Mary Sue. I also renamed her to Kakura at this point.

October 21, 2012
Tried some more punk-ish design and liked it a lot. Decided to experiment a bit and gave her red dyed hair tips. The fringe style is gonna stay about the same from now on. Also ridiculously long hair. Starting to decided on what to do with her personality and she now got a full backstory.

June 2, 2013
Tried to change it up a bit. Bad idea, didnt turn out how I wanted.

June 13, 2013
I had been watching a lot of documentaries on martial arts and decided to give her some Kung Fu inspired outfit and she started to get a more solid personality and traits.

September 7, 2013
OH GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING!? I wanted to try something more simplistic but it didnt fit her at all, I did like the hair a lot. Having watched some animes I said "Lol Imma make her a yandere" so I did... poorly

October 8, 2013
Now this is better, I also learnt how to ears and changed up her fur a bit around the "gloves" and "socks". Went back to the Kung Fu style and taking some things from the failed previous one like the leotard-esque thing. Kept the long hair in the form of a ponytail. A lot of character development happening, going more into the psychological side of her. Attemts at making her insanity more logical.

October 9, 2014
COMPLETELY REWRITTEN BACKSTORY! More fleshed out, explored the physical and mental problems and/or side effects of transforming at a young age. Having watched a lot of documentaries and studied up on psychology a lot I started trying to get her insanity make more sense and I think I managed too. I tried to make her design make more sense in a way, making it fit her personality and backstory etc. The long ponytail now having an explanation, being that she never cut her hair since she was 4 and got the hair up and down the ponytail twice or more. The karate gi and Kung fu pants being for her use of a mix of karata and dog style Kung fu. The shackles being for her unstable mental state, making for easy control is she snaps.</b>
PokeCoast - Where do we start by NekoHimi
PokeCoast - Where do we start
Ship: S.S Torterra

Tama was walking down the beach, wading with water up to her ankles as she yawned a bit as she had been waiting for her Lopunny friend to return. Seeing Ember coming running towards her, stopping in front of her and bending over, resting her arms on her knees to catch her breath. "H-have you....just been...waiting here the entire time!?" she asked rather shocked. Tama placed her hands on her hips looked at Ember with a deadpan expression. "Well duh, of course I have. I said I would wait so I did, I stick to my worlds." She said and rolled her eye. Ember stood up and looked dumbfounded at her. "I didn't mean for you to WAIT here the entire time. I sorta got sidetracked and distracted on my way back." Tama just shrugged. "Tsk, tree hours ain't too long of a time to wait. If it took ya a day I'd be a bit annoyed." Ember rubbed her temples. "Alright alright, so I have the boat.... which ship do you want to start with?" She asked. The Absol just folded her arms. "Well the biggest one is bound to have the most loot, so that city ship of course." She said, thinking it was obvious. Ember's ears perked up. "Oh! The S.S. Torterra!" She started to toss some bags onto the boat and jumped in before she started the engine. Tama tossed her bag over her shoulder and jumped in. "Just hope we find something of value." She said. Ember drove the boat towards the south. "Don't worry, we'll have plenty of treasures on board. I hear there's a bunch of valuable flutes and musical instruments on board. And I've heard heard there are some shops run by ghosts on board as well." A shiver went down Tama's spine. "Ghosts? You mean ghost pokemon or actual ghosts?" She asked, her voice quivering ever so slightly. "Ghost pokemon. They're still on board for some reason, so we'll need to be careful." Ember answered, laughing a bit. The boat hit a wave and ended up jumping, sending Tama up into the air a bit before landing back on the boat. "The only thing that needs to be done carefully is you driving this boat!!" She yelled annoyed. "But still, thank Arceus its not real ghosts then." Ember couldn't help but snicker a bit at her. "Yeah yeah, sorry. But we're almost there." Tama looked away from Ember and her eyes drifted to the massive ship they were approaching. "HOLY ARCEUS!" She exclaimed. "That is MUCH BIGGER than I imagined... How does that thing even float!?" She added, sounding completely astounded. Ember stopped the boat next to it and used High Jump Kick to jump onto the ship, lowering a rope to Tama. Tama took it and tied it tightly to their boat so it wouldnt drift away. She looked up at the ship. "Ya know... I cant exactly climb something made of metal with this arm!" She yelled. Ember rolled her eyes, jumped down to her, grabbed her and jumped up onto the ship and then onto the top of the wall. "Yeah sorry about that." Tama just blinked in surprise. "Well... that was easy. Getting down from the wall should be easier tho." She said. She looked down and over to a house close to the wall, jumped towards it and slid down along the side of the house by her claws. Ember jumped down from one of the houses' roofs. The two of them stood in water to their ankles, the water being held in my the walls. "So... where do we start then?" Tama asked.

Samatha Tamaka Veran belongs to NekoHimi 
Emma 'Ember' Alvarez belongs to Shadow-Pikachu6 
PokeCoats - Tama by NekoHimi
PokeCoats - Tama

Name: Samatha Tamaka Veran

Nickname: Tama

Species: Absol

Personality: Focused | Patient | Self-conscious | Stubborn 

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 28th 1987

Height: 175 cm / 5'8"

History: The oldest in a family with 12 kids. Born with an oversized and mutated right arm, it is believed to be the outcome of her mother being the offspring of an Absol and a Mawile and her father being a Diggersby. She wasn't hindered much by it, but holding things with it was a struggle and took her almost 20 years to get the hang of it. While she got along great with her younger siblings and the rest of her family, anyone else...not so much.
She got off on the wrong track early in life by starting a lot of fights due to others making fun of her arm. And that was something her parents were not too proud of. She later started hanging with a bunch of delinquents who accepted her and that ended with her spending more time with them than with her family.
That later evolved into a life or crime as a thief and later a mercenary. However, when she ended up losing her right eye in a fight when she was 26 she decided to retire. She heard about the coast when overhearing some people on the street and ended up heading there. Hoping for, if not a fresh start, at least a more peaceful life.

Job: Jobless. Will basically take on anything that pays from babysitting to brain surgeon. 

Additional features: X shaped scar where her right eye used to be. The absol horn is where the ear was supposed to be. Her left ear being halfway bitten off. Her right arm is more human like, missing the claws, but is still covered in white fur like almost all the rest of her body. Her right arm is heavily mutated and larger and longer than the other with three long claws for fingers and a spike on the elbow. Digitgrade legs with white fur and the spike on the heel and five claws on the foot. 

Hobbies: Lazying around, people watch and simply watching the sea. Also enjoys fishing, sudoku and sewing.

Skills: Patience, if someone asks her to wait for a minute and they take an hour or more, she will still be waiting. General physical strength. 

Weaknesses: Social skills. Can be a bit too blunt and honest. An awful cook, so she is quite used to burnt food. Most things that needs two hands.

Status: Single - Demisexual

Inventory: Super rod

Voice: Rachel Robinson as Fang from Final Fantasy - sample

Counter - Focusing closely at the opponent she can start to learn the pattern of attacking and get in a counter attack.

Knock Off - Using her mutated arm she punches or smacks the opponent with great force.
Shadow Claw -  The mutated arm becomes surrounded by a dark purple aura that takes the form of a huge claw which she attacks with.
Rock Smash - Crushes or puches something using her hand and claws with enough force to crush a rock.

Items: A 
trident, Photo Album, green crystal, eon flute. [From the shipwreck event]

Cant attack using her non mutaed arm.
Obsessed with catching rare fish Pokemon.
Got an adoptive daughter.
Her ability is Super Luck.

Emma 'Ember' Alvarez - "Meet her during the Fishing thing. Fun to be around but she tends to make me wait a lot. Seemed surprised when she returned after 3 hours to find me still waiting."

Update: Added more details to the bio etc.

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